fetch_neuroquery(data_dir=None, version='1', overwrite=False, **kwargs)[source]

Download the latest data files from NeuroQuery.

New in version 0.0.10.

  • data_dir (pathlib.Path or str, optional) – Path where data should be downloaded. By default, files are downloaded in home directory.

  • version (str or list, optional) – The version to fetch. The default is “7” (Neurosynth’s latest version).

  • url (None or str, optional) – Specific URL to download. If not None, overrides URL to current data. If you want to fetch Neurosynth’s data from before the 2021 reorganization, you will need to use this argument.

  • kwargs – Keyword arguments to select relevant feature files. Valid kwargs include: source, vocab, type. Each kwarg may be a string or a list of strings. If no kwargs are provided, all feature files for the specified database version will be downloaded.


found_databases – List of dictionaries indicating datasets downloaded. Each list entry is a different database, containing a dictionary with three keys: “coordinates”, “metadata”, and “features”. “coordinates” and “metadata” will be filenames. “features” will be a list of dictionaries, each containing “id”, “vocab”, and “features” keys with associated files.

Return type

list of dict


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Examples using nimare.extract.fetch_neuroquery