NiMARE Developer Guide

This guide provides a more detailed description of the organization and preferred coding style for NiMARE, for prospective code contributors.

Coding Style

NiMARE code should follow PEP8 recommendations. Additionally, we have modeled NiMARE’s code on scikit-learn.

Installation with Docker

You may wish to use Docker to control your environment when testing or developing on NiMARE. Here are some common steps for taking this approach:

To build the Docker image:

docker build -t test/nimare .

To run the Docker container:

docker run -it -v `pwd`:/home/neuro/code/NiMARE -p8888:8888 test/nimare bash

Once inside the container, you can install NiMARE:

python /home/neuro/code/NiMARE/ develop