NiMARE: Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment

NiMARE is a Python package for neuroimaging meta-analyses. It makes conducting scary meta-analyses a dream!

To install NiMARE check out our installation guide.

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Citing NiMARE

If you use NiMARE in your research, we recommend citing the Zenodo DOI associated with the NiMARE version you used, as well as the Aperture Neuro journal article for the NiMARE Jupyter book. You can find the Zenodo DOI associated with each NiMARE release at

BibTeX entries for NiMARE version 0.0.11.
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# This is the Zenodo citation for version 0.0.11.
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Then, to cite NiMARE in your manuscript, we recommend something like the following:

We used NiMARE v0.0.11 (RRID:SCR_017398; Salo et al., 2022a; Salo et al., 2022b).


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