convert_neurovault_to_dataset(collection_ids, contrasts, img_dir=None, map_type_conversion=None, **dset_kwargs)[source]

Convert a group of NeuroVault collections into a NiMARE Dataset.

New in version 0.0.8.

  • collection_ids (list of int or dict) – A list of collections on neurovault specified by their id. The collection ids can accessed through the neurovault API (i.e., or their main website (i.e., For example, in this URL, 8836 is the collection id. collection_ids can also be a dictionary whose keys are the informative study name and the values are collection ids to give the collections more informative names in the dataset.

  • contrasts (dict) – Dictionary whose keys represent the name of the contrast in the dataset and whose values represent a regular expression that would match the names represented in NeuroVault. For example, under the Name column in this URL, a valid contrast could be “as-Animal”, which will be called “animal” in the created dataset if the contrasts argument is {'animal': "as-Animal"}.

  • img_dir (str or None, optional) – Base path to save all the downloaded images, by default the images will be saved to a temporary directory with the prefix “neurovault”.

  • map_type_conversion (dict or None, optional) – Dictionary whose keys are what you expect the map_type name to be in neurovault and the values are the name of the respective statistic map in a nimare dataset. Default = None.

  • **dset_kwargs (keyword arguments passed to Dataset) – Keyword arguments to pass in when creating the Dataset object. see Dataset for details.


Dataset object containing experiment information from neurovault.

Return type


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